Digital Imaging Workshops

Learn Photography



DAY ONE: An Introduction to Digital Cameras

  • SLR Cameras
  • Lenses, Memory Cards, Tripods, Flashguns, Filters, Reflectors and other Photography Hardware.
  • Questions and Answers about your own kit.

DAY TWO: Focusing on Focusing!

  • Manual Focusing
  • Auto Focusing
  • Understanding & Using AF Points
  • Light Metering Modes
  • Histogram Reading.

DAY THREE: Introduction to Exposure

  • Understanding the “Exposure Triangle”
  • ISO - Understading, Using, Practicing
  • Aperture - Understading, Using, Practicing
  • Shutter Speed - Understading, Using , Practicing

DAY FOUR: More work on the getting the right exposure.

  • The Manual Exposure Mode
  • Aperture Priority
  • Shutter Speed Priority
  • ISO, Aperture & Shutter Speed - Again!
  • Theory and practice sessions using your own camera to get a great exposure.

DAY FIVE: Light Types & Subjects (Natural Light)

  • Understanding varous type of light, what is good light?!
  • Understanding various subjects
  • Discussion about how to approach your different subjects in different lighting conditions.
  • White Balance

DAY SIX: Understanding artificial light 

  • Fill in flash, Flash Guns, off the camera flash, lightning equipment and studio set ups
  • Introduction to posing & working with models
  • This is a Theory & practice Session

DAY SEVEN: DOF (Depth of Field) Practice Session

  • Working on Manual & Aperture Priority Mode we will be taking many pictures using a variety of Depths of Field and analyse/discuss the results.
  • Other aspects of photography will be reviewed during this session

DAY EIGHT: Understanding Shutter Speed

  • Working on Manual and Shutter Speed Priority Mode we will be taking many pictures using a variety of Shutter Speeds and analyse/discuss the results.
  • Other aspects of photography will be reviewed during this session

DAY NINE: Time to get a bit “arty”

  • Compositions - photo balance, classic rulse of composition, breaking the the rules
  • “Good photos vs bad photos” : What makes a photo impactful and memorable: A discussing using sample photos showing on the big screen as examples.

DAY TEN: The Perfect Exposure! 

  • Now that we know everything about the ISO, Shutter Speeds, Depth of Field, White Balance and Focusing we will use what we have learned to get the perfect picture!
  • Bring in your best shot.



Learn Photoshop



DAY ONE: Photoshop Fundamentals

  • Introduction to digital imaging - What is a digital image?
  • How the computer saves and retrieves a digital image?
  • Pixels, image resolution, image sizes.
  • Raster versus Vector graphics.

DAY TWO: Introduction to Photoshop Tools

  • Toolbox and panels
  • Setting up workspaces
  • Understanding the main tools
  • Understanding views
  • Working with panels.
  • Useful Photoshop shortcuts.

DAY THREE: Image Adjustment (Light Work)

  • Mid-tones, shadows and highlights
  • Brightness, contrast, exposure, hue/saturation
  • Shadows and Highlight Tool
  • Levels & Curves.
  • Colour to Black and White conversions.

DAY FOUR: Selection tools & techniques

  • Using Marquee tools
  • Lasso tools
  • Crop and slice tools
  • Pen Tool
  • Introduction to the feathering

DAY FIVE: Retouching an image

  • Cloning images - using the Clone tool
  • Smudging, blurring and sharpening
  • Repairing scratches, blotches, bright spots, dust etc..
  • Red eye tool.

DAY SIX: Painting in Photoshop

  • Understanding Photoshop brushes.
  • Adding, removing, editing brushes.
  • Choosing the right brush for the right job
  • Erasing

DAY SEVEN: Saving and Printing

  • Understanding colour gamuts
  • Understanding printing
  • Preparing an image for print
  • Saving and different file formats

DAY EIGHT: Understanding and using Layers

  • Introduction to Layer Technology
  • Different ways to creating layers
  • Layer Transparency
  • Layer Blending Modes

DAY NINE: More advance use of Layers

  • Converting a selection to a layer
  • Creating and using Adjustment Layers
  • Creating and using Layer Masks
  • Creating montages using components from different Layers
  • Managing Layers

DAY TEN:  Course Revision

  • What have we learned from this course
  • Bring in your best image
  • Ddiscuss and review the most important topics.
  • Where to go from here!

Criteria - Any adult can join both courses without prior photography or photoshop knowledge, however having a camera and being computer literate would be helpful.


Each course costs only £150.00 per person for the whole course. Each course comprises of 10 one hour lessons. £25.00 Booking Fee.


Both courses are ongoing and we will start when all places have been filled. In order to maintain a high standard, the maximum number of places is 5, this way everyone has plenty of chances to ask questions and have his/her work be seen. If there are no spaces for the next course you will be placed in the waiting list. There is not fixed timetable we need to follow, once we have 5 enthusiasts we will decide together about the day and the best time to run the courses so that they are convenient for all of us. Please email me at, phone me on 07887 544498 or use the contact form.

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