In the search of the "Je ne sais quoi!"

It takes a lot of learning, devotion, work, imagination and passion to produce a photo or an image that one likes to see again and again. "Seeing it", however, is not the only thing that a photo or an image is about. To many of us who love photography, there is a story behind every image, an exciting story about experiences and emotions that the artist experienced whilst he took and/or edited the image.


It is listening to these stories as well as enjoying looking at the images that photography lectures or talks are often about. My talk entitled "In the search of the "Je ne sais quoi?!"" is no different in this respect but, what makes my talk perhaps a bit unique, is my belief that behind every successful image there is something special, something interesting, somthing that is sometimes obvious but often we cannot quite put our finger on it! This is what they call in France (and not only!) "Je ne sais quoi!" and this is what I am in search of!!


Through the digital presentation of 100 images, all of which have been well received by the international photographic community I will be trying to detect what I think is the "je ne sais quoi" of in my images as well as tell my story behind everyone of them.


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